project abstract

HUD Part 58 Environmental Review
Project Name:
Date Abstract Prepared:
Name, Title, Company & Phone of Preparer:
Proposed Acquisition/Construction Start Date (fill in both dates if applicable):
Name of Organization to Receive MFA Funding:
Total Project Funding:
All Project Funding Sources:
Funding Source(s) Subject to MFA Environmental Review:
Total Funds to Be Released Through this MFA ER Process:
Responsible Entity: New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
Certifying Officer: Jay Czar, Executive Director
Environmental Review Representative: Debbie Davis, Programs & Initiatives Manager
Proposed Project Location(s) (complete address):
Current Status of the Project: Pending
Existing Site Conditions/History:
What need does the project meet?
Detailed Project Scope of Work (maximum of 1/2 page):
Describe any Ground Disturbing Activities:
Describe any Visual Changes that will be made (effects to skyline):
Phase I For Rehabilitation Projects:
NESHAP/AHERA Asbestos Survey Included?
HUD Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment Included? Yes
N/A (Built 1978 or later)
Other Notes:
0-ER Project Abstract Form
Last Modified 4.15.13