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Press Release
Unify announces general availability
of OpenScape Business X1 Appliance
Enhanced business portfolio focuses on small and medium businesses
with powerful yet simple all-in-one business solutions
Huizingen, Belgium – July 22, 2014 – Unify, one of the world’s leading
communications software and services firms, today announced general availability of the
OpenScape X1 appliance, an all-in-one solution that brings the benefits of a professional
voice and unified communications (UC) solution to small and medium businesses (SMBs),
regardless of the company size or telephony infrastructure.
Unify’s enhanced OpenScape Business Portfolio and continued focus on the SMB segment
were announced at the Connected Business Expo in March in response to the growing
demand among the below-30 user segment for powerful yet simple business solutions.
Customers in the below-30 user segment increasingly recognize the value of UC to improve
employee efficiency and enhance customer service. The OpenScape Business X1 is an
affordable appliance suitable for this market segment, offering professional voice, UC and
mobility for small offices, branches and the home.
Key features of OpenScape Business X1 appliance include:
Professional voice, UC and mobility for small offices, branches and the home.
Embedded UC features for up to 30 users, including key functions such as presence,
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visual voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, and ad hoc conferencing.
myPortal To Go app for Android and Apple iOS with fully integrated mobility to
support anywhere workers and the new way to work.
One Number Service and offers presence, favorites, voicemail, directories and
journal functionality to users wherever they choose to work, improving
collaboration among virtual teams.
Ability for users to control their office phone remotely and allows dialing from
smartphone contacts or a local UC smart directory when off-line.
For non-Android smartphones, such as the Windows phone, OpenScape Business
offers myPortal for mobile and myPortal for tablet as a web-based solution.
Unify relies on a strong partner community to bring OpenScape Business to customers, and
the enhancements to OpenScape Business were previewed to partners in field trials with
positive results.
Supporting partner quotes:
“Unify always offers solutions that correspond to actual market needs, product-wise
as well as support-wise,” says Gie Laurijssen, Managing Partner at SIECOM.
“Thanks to the affordable basic model of OpenScape Business X1, SIECOM can now
offer the benefits of Unified Communications to smaller businesses as well as large
ones. It addresses the current trend to assure professional interaction across all
business communications.”
“Unify has always guaranteed the continuity our customers are asking for,” says
Patrick Gillis, Managing Director of Hexacom. “As a technology vendor, they deliver
stable, quality solutions by closely following market evolution and IT trends. In a
country like Belgium, the below-30 user segment makes up a high percentage of the
market. Employees typically multitask, while the price tag of technology plays an
important role as well. The affordable OpenScape Business X1 perfectly fulfills the
need for mobility and efficient communications solutions in the SME segment.”
OpenScape Business X1 appliance is available now.
You Tube: Introducing OpenScape Business X1
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About Unify
Unify is one of the world’s leading communications software and services firms, providing
integrated communications solutions for approximately 75 percent of the Fortune Global
500. Our solutions unify multiple networks, devices and applications into one easy-to-use
platform that allows teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations. The result is a
transformation of how the enterprise communicates and collaborates that amplifies
collective effort, energizes the business, and enhances business performance. Unify has a
strong heritage of product reliability, innovation, open standards and security.
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