Ch 6 Vocabulary Matching Worksheet

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Chapter 6 Fiber Vocabulary Matching Worksheet
Match the following terms with the statements below.
a. Becke line
k. plain
b. blend
l. polymer
c. chromatography
m. retention factor
d. chromatogram
n. satin
e. density
o. synthetic
f. elute
p. twill
g. fabric
q. viscosity
h. fiber
r. warp
i. filament
s. weft
j. fluorescence
t. yarn
____ 36. usually made up of many filaments twisted or bonded together
____ 37. the lengthwise yarn
____ 38. to extract one material from another
____ 39. a ratio used to characterize and compare components in liquid chromatography
____ 40. a method of separating components of mixtures
____ 41. the crosswise yarn
____ 42. a single strand of material
____ 43. a halo-like shadow around an object immersed in a liquid of a different refractive index
____ 44. mass divided by volume
____ 45. the resistance of a fluid to flow
____ 46. man-made
____ 47. a cloth material made up of fibers woven or bonded together
____ 48. a fabric made up of two or more different types of fiber
____ 49. simplest and most common weave pattern
____ 50. a diagonal weave pattern; denim is an example