EXTRA WARP/WEFT Extra warp or weft (supplementary

Extra warp or weft (supplementary warp/weft)
A class of weave in which extra warp of weft threads
are used in addition to ground threads. The extra
threads are normally used as figuring threads for
decorative purposes.
• Extra warp.
• Start with a motive to be added to a base fabric.
• Decide the base fabric sequence. e.g for every extra
yarn, a plain weave will be used. ( single or double?)
• In extra warp, denting is essential to create uniform
• For example the reed plan is 2 ends/dent for base
fabric. When extra end appear, the extra end must be
placed beside the plain weave in the same dent.
• What should be done to the extra float at the back?
• For dense designed fabric, the extra yarn will not be
noticeable from the surface, hence the floats may be
allowed to remain in the fabric.
• In the case of an Organdy fabric, the floating threads
are sheared off in finishing. However this may cause
the floating threads to be pulled out easily by rubbing
or laundry. Hence extra binding points are necessary to
secure the floating threads.
Extra Weft: Brocade
Create a motif for the design
Extra Weft: Brocade
Insert the Plain weave
Extra Weft: Brocade
Fill the ground and extra weft
yarn colours
Extra Weft: Brocade
Reverse the liftplan to view
The fabric
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