Soft Skills Project

Soft Skills Project
Design a creative project using one of the soft skills that have been reviewed here. Your project
should focus on your work at the Viking Independent Bank. You are an employee of the bank and
you should practice all of these soft skills in your role at the bank. You can choose: communication,
team work, workplace ethics, the STAR strategy, attitude on the job, professionalism in the
workplace. Choose from one of these suggestions:
Create a poem, jingle, script, etc. that models a soft skill
Draw a cartoon, picture, etc. that models a soft skill
Use photography (web images) to create collages that model a soft skill; could use a word
cloud to accompany the collage at,,
Make a video demonstrating your soft skill
This project is worth 50 points. It must be completely evident as to how the creative work
represents and promotes the soft skill chosen. Your grade will be a reflection of the creativity and
meaning of your project. If necessary, include a paragraph of explanation to support your creative
work. Be sure to save your work and be prepared to share it with the class tomorrow.