Event Invitation Form: David K. Naugle, DBU.
Thank you very much for your kind invitation to be a part of your event. I’m
honored by your interest and hope that we can make this happen. As you might
imagine, I find myself juggling many responsibilities – as a family man and as a
professor. Since this is the case, I have created this event information form to get
a sense of what this invitation involves.
Please fill out the following details as best you can and send the form to me at
[email protected] This will help me decide about this invitation for planning
purposes. Note: not every issue below will fit every event, but most will. Again,
thanks for helping in this way and for your invitation.
Event title/s or Description:
Event dates and times:
Sponsoring institution or Organization:
Location of the event:
Anticipated travel logistics (driving, [if so, mileage and reimbursement for
mileage], flying and which airline, pick up at the airport, other?):
Accommodations (where and if covered by the sponsoring institution):
Number of talks, lectures, or presentations and length of each:
Anticipated audiences and contexts (scholarly/academic, students, church, etc.):
Preferred topics I would address:
Other speakers (plenary speakers primarily):
Attire when speaking:
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