Smart Cities Capacity Building Event Invitation for

Smart Cities Capacity Building Event
Invitation for Commitments
Brussels 12th May 2014
Please add here some info about your city: Where is it, Population, GDP or main economic activities etc….you can
add also some pics BUT ONLY 1 SLIDE PLEASE!)
Please add HERE all details about your « Commitment Proposal »
• A commitment is an intention to provide a measurable and concrete
engagement in support of one or more focus areas in the course of the
next year and beyond; it should be oriented along the guidelines in the
Invitation for Commitments.
• Primarily promotional activities for a company's own products or services
cannot be regarded as a commitment.
• Focus area (Please chose it/them from the 11 Focus Areas)
• Engagement
• Partnership
• Delivery
Would like to meet…
• Possible partners that the city would like to
work with…
• What kind of partners
• From where
• For which activities….
• Your contact details