Who dun it? What can we learn from objects/artefacts and mummies

Who dun it?
What can we learn from objects/artefacts and mummies from the past?
Ozti’ s death
Guiding questions for research *must be completed and signed off by your teacher before you
commence the final product. Save your work electronically in two places eg: USB and Gilnet/wiki
1. *Where was the body found?
Find a map of the area – draw it or paste it. Use BOLTSS – Border Orientation Legend Title
Scale & Source
2. *Briefly describe the environment where the body was found – weather, physical
features (rivers, mountains etc) (one paragraph or 6 dot points for summary)
3. *List or draw or cut and paste 5 objects found with the body.
4. *Looking at your objects make some hypothesis about the type of life this person
might have had. Examine the objects carefully? What were they used for? What was
the iceman’s life like? What type of society did he come from? What did they eat then?
Where did they live? How did they live? Three paragraphs.
5. Create a model of one of the objects from Neolithic times (the iceman’s time in history)
6. *What is your hypothesis? Why was Ozti out there in the mountains? Give evidence to
explain your answer. One to two paragraphs
7. *Scientists have made many discoveries about how we know that Ozti is from Neolithic
times. They have conducted scientific experiments and used modern day forensic
science to help them. Note down three techniques they used to find out how old Ozti
was and briefly explain how they worked this out. Three paragraphs
8. *How did Ozti die? There are many theories about how he died. Briefly note down 4 of
the theories and say what is wrong about them. Study the scientific evidence and give
proof for your opinion. 4 paragraphs
9. *What is your explanation of his death? Give reasons for your opinion – support the
opinion with evidence. Two paragraphs
10. *Ozti was first discovered in 1991. His body has been put under the microscope many
times. Is this right? Ethical? What is your opinion? Two paragraphs
11. *Extension work – Research another mummy – Mungo Man (Australia) or Bodies in the
bog and prepare a report about this discovery and how it has affected our knowledge
of the past.
This project is due on 30th May – you have two weeks of Hums lessons to complete it.
See next page for resources
Resources On Gilnet - Go to Class resources/ Year 7/ Humanities / The Ice man
Here you will find.
Notes on Neolithic Times, studies of mummies (king Tut) and the Ice man.
Film or link to the Ice man video
A list of websites you can use
These pages here
The criteria sheet for the project
Resources: Books in the LCC and in the library Internet sites:
Iceman of the Alps
Death of the iceman: : http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/2001/iceman.shtml
Ozti the iceman: http://www.crystalinks.com/oetzi.html
Ozti’s shoes – detective work:
The iceman’s last meal
Museum at Bolzano
Ozti’s Final battle
Oetzi a 5300 year old hi-tech warrior
Extra research:
Bog Bodies 1