Homo Sapiens and Neo Rev

1. List three characteristics of the Ice Age.
2. Define nomadic.
“Human Origins” page 20
3. Scientists use the Latin word Homo which means “human” to
categorize hominids….describe the three species of Homo in
prehistoric times.
“Hunter-Gatherers” pages 21-22
4. How did early Homo Erectus get food?
5. Where did Homo Erectus migrate? How do scientists know this?
6. How was language used by Homo Erectus?
The Iceman
• September 19, 1991: Helmut and Erika Simon hiking near
the Austria/Italian border
• Saw a head and shoulders emerging from the ice.
• Scientists dug it out of the glacier and discovered that the
iceman was at least 5,000 years old! (Oldest body ever
retrieved from a glacier)
• He was named “Ötzi the Iceman” after the region in which
he was discovered.
Ötzi the Iceman
• The Iceman’s remains were
preserved through a combination
of factors:
• Altitude 10,530 feet
• After he died, the ditch where he
lay was filled with snow.
• For thousands of years, a glacier
covered this pocket of snow.
• This caused the iceman to be
naturally mummified.
Human Culture
• Culture: the way of life of a
group of people. (Ex:
knowledge, language, ways in
which they eat and dress,
religion, art, etc.)
• Earliest aspect of culture – use
of tools.
• Use of stone tools eventually
led to the Stone Age.
(12,000BC – 8,000BC)
Appearance of Homo Sapiens
• 200,000 B.C.
• Neanderthals: first homo sapiens
originated in Africa and spread to
• Nomadic hunter-gatherers who
were more advanced in tool
making, medicine, and culture.
• Cro-Magnons: originated in
• Made further advances in tools
and hunting.
Neolithic Revolution
• 5,000B.C.
• Characterized by the end
of the ice age &
appearance of
• Shift from huntergatherers to producing
their own food.
Neolithic Village Reading
• To learn more about the
importance of the Neolithic
Revolution, you are going to
read pages 22-25
• Answer the 5 discussion
questions in your notes.
• Be ready to discuss your
answers with the class.
1. What was the Neolithic
2. What were some
characteristics of the Neolithic
time period?
3. Where were the earliest
civilizations located? Why?
4. How was the government set
up in early cities?
5. In ancient civilizations, what
was writing used for?
Timeline Review
• Now that you have learned
about the origin of humans,
culture, and technology, you
are going to create a review
• The timeline will span from
5,000,000 BC to 1 BC.
• Include all the important
events/time periods and a
description of each.
• Do this in your notes!
Events to include:
First appearance of hominids
Stone Age
Emergence of Homo Erectus
Ice Age
Emergence of Homo Sapiens
Neolithic Revolution
Neolithic Village Project
• Now that you know all the characteristics and traits
of the Neolithic Revolution, you are going to create
your own Neolithic Village.
• Must demonstrate all characteristics of a Neolithic
• Be sure to use pictures, color, and labels!
• If you use symbols, you must include a key!
Where did humans originate?
What was the Ice Age?
What was the Stone Age?
What is the difference between
Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons?
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