Homework grid Ancient Greece Year 6

Project: Ancient Greece
Homework for Year 6
Research the food
and drink that was
consumed by the
Ancient Greeks.
Find out what
theorem is and
explain it using
diagrams and
examples. (Only for
very confident
Greek pots were
used to record
scenes from
everyday life. Draw
your own version of
a Greek pot (get the
colours right) with a
scene from your
Write an A4 sized
information text to
explain what the
Greeks left as a
Write a short story
involving one of the
Greek gods.
Make a model of a
Greek temple with
an explanation of its
different features.
You will need to do
some research in
order to create an
accurate temple.
Look at the British
Museum website –
choose one artefact
and make a pencil
sketch of it, then
explain what it is and
what it was used for.
Who was Archimedes
and what important
discovery did he
Make a plate of
Mousakka – write
out the ingredients
and take digital
photographs of your
meal. Write a
paragraph explaining
whether you think it
would be a good
meal to eat as part
of a healthy
balanced diet
Look up and write
down the
temperature in
Athens for a week
and compare them
to the temperature
in the UK over the
same period.
Record the results
in a chart and then
turn them into a
comparative graph.
Write an information
leaflet for a visitor on
a weekend break to
Athens. You will
need to find out
about the main
things to go and see
as well as good
shopping or
entertainment areas
as well.
Make a list of 20
words that we use
today that are based
on Greek words –
along with their
Design and draw a
floor plan of a typical
Greek family home
and explain why you
have included each
room/ item.
Make an abacus
and write an
explanation of how
it works.
Write a newspaper
article detailing the
events surrounding
the Trojan horse.
Write a Greek mythinclude a hero and a
Use websites and a
programme like
Word to produce
your own family tree
of the Greek gods
Make a Greek
Explain what a
fresco is and why
they were there.