August - St Day Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 08th August, 2011, at 7.00. pm in the Community Centre, St Day.
Present: Cllrs. P Bray, R Dyer, J Newcombe, S Penny, G Ross and L Trotter.
Clerk S Edwards
Cllr M Kaczmarek (CC)
One member of the public
Press: West Briton
RESOLVED to accept the apology of Cllr. G Nankivell.
Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interests relating to items on the agenda and the details thereof
Public Participation
Mr M Ball spoke about application PA11/04350 and said that his main concerns centred around the additional vehicles using an
unsuitable road and the increase in noise levels the plant would bring. He asked the Parish Council not to support the application.
Cllr Kaczmarek also said that he would be opposing the application for the following reasons:
 CC is looking to organise parts of United Downs, in particular the closed landfill site, as a recreational area. If this scheme
were to go ahead this would discourage people from using the area.
 There are three existing scrapyards very close by and none of them is currently operating at full capacity and there is also
another scrapyard in the area up for sale. Surely this spare capacity should be taken up before a new yard is opened?
 He is concerned that the opening of a new scrapyard could cause employment problems at the existing yards and felt that
an employment study was needed to give further information on this.
 The proposal for a two acre site intends to employ six people. He did not feel that this would be maximising the
employment potential of a site of this size.
Police report
PCSO Karen Morley had provided the following report:
In the period 12.07.11 – 08.08.11 there had been 20 calls to the police compared to 41 in the same period last year. There were 7
crimes (14) which were for non crime child protection (2), non crime domestic (2), burglary, driving with excess alcohol and theft.
She also said it had been a quiet period and it was pleasing to see crimes and logs reducing again.
Confirmation of the Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 11th July, 2011
RESOLVED that the minutes be confirmed as a true and correct record of the proceedings and signed by the Chairman.
The Clerk reported 3 applications for consideration:
PA11/04350 European Metal Recycling Ltd Plot 23 United Downs Industrial Park
Change of use of the land to scrap metal storage and processing and associated works
RESOLVED to oppose the application for the following reasons:
 The existing road network from the A30 at Scorrier to United Downs is unsuitable for the additional heavy
vehicles which would be using it (this was the reason the application to site a Waste Transfer Station at
United Downs was withdrawn)
 There will be a detrimental effect on employment in the other local scrapyards which is contrary to the
policy of promoting sustainable local communities
 Although the site is not in St Day, inaccurate reporting in the local press means that anything which
happens at United Downs is linked to St Day. This has a negative effect on the reputation of the village and
a similar effect on property prices
 A development of this nature will undermine the recent development of the industrial estate as a site for
high tech, clean businesses
 It is a poor use of land to put a business employing only six people on a two acre site
 The site is in a prominent position on the industrial estate and has a road frontage. Visually this will not
promote the estate
 The site is in a World Heritage Site, is close to the closed landfill site which is being developed for
recreational use and is also close to the Coast to Coast cycle route and the Mineral Tramways routes. It
will have a detrimental effect on the use of these amenities
 The additional heavy traffic coming to the site will impact on the Coast to Coast cycle route crossings at
Tolgullow and Scorrier
 Difficulties are experienced at the moment when the Household Waste Collection Centre nearby is
temporarily closed. Traffic backs up onto the main road and this site could suffer similar problems
 The additional noise from the plant and the additional traffic will be an unfair burden on those residents
who have until recently had to endure the noise of traffic going to and from the landfill site
 In addition to the above objections the Parish Council has read and fully endorses the objections made by
Gwennap Parish Council
RESOLVED also to inform CC that a Parish Council representative would like to speak at the Planning Meeting when the
application is considered.
PA11/05708 SITA UK
United Downs Landfill Site
revised plan for final land profiling
RESOLVED to circulate the application amongst P Cllrs and to report back to the Clerk by 24th August. Any requests for a meeting
to consider the application should be with the Clerk by 18 th August.
PA11/06263 Rogers J
Chy an Gwyth, Scorrier
construction of a 2 storey extension & associated works
RESOLVED to support
The Clerk reported 6 accounts for payment
B Chapman
street cleaning
refuse sacks
Voguebeloth Landscape Services
grass cutting burial ground
grass cutting churchyard
grass cutting skatepark
M Matthews
S T Mitchell
J Cook
S Morgan
RESOLVED to pay all accounts.
St Day in Bloom, 1st prize
2nd prize
3rd = prize
3rd = prize
Geothermal Energy Project
Cllr Trotter said that she had attended the Cornwall Renewable Energy Show at Delabole recently and had spoken to Neil
Farrington, the CC Sustainable Energy Project Manager who lives at Pink Moors, and Dan Nicholls, who works in CC Natural
Resources. Neil Farrington has been involved in district heating plans and suggested that St Day should be out forward as a trial
area as the holes would already be drilled by the Geothermal Energy Project. Dan Nicholls had suggested keeping in contact to see
if the project could be moved forward and she was seeking P Council agreement for this.
RESOLVED to agree to this.
Date of the next meeting
Monday 12 September, 2011, in the Mills Street Community Room, St Day at 7 pm.
The meeting closed at 07.55 pm.
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