Revised Spring 2011 General Zoology II, Zool 1314 Philosophy

Revised Spring 2011
General Zoology II, Zool 1314
Philosophy: This course covers the classification, phylogenetic relationships, evolution, morphology and
natural history of the vertebrate animals. This course prepares students for upper level courses in the
life sciences and is also required for students entering the College of Pharmacy at UAMS.
Objectives: Students should be able to:
 Understand the relationship of phylum Chordata to other major phyla.
 Understand the relationship of Protochordates to the higher vertebrates.
 Understand important factors affecting the course of chordate evolution.
 Understand patterns of reproduction and reproductive adaptations in the vertebrates.
 Understand the basics of the phylogenetic relationships, morphology and natural history of the
vertebrate animals.
 Understand the structure and function of selected vertebrate organ systems.
Course Teaching Requirements: The following should be followed by all instructors teaching this course.
Chapters 23-28 should be covered in depth; coverage of chapters 29-38 may be adjusted to suit
instructor preferences. All major taxa should be covered to class level for jawless fishes, subclass
level for jawed fishes, order level for amphibians and non-avian reptiles; minor orders of birds
and mammals may be omitted as instructor preference and time constraints dictate.
Practical exams using actual specimens will be given in lab (not projected slides or power point).
Microscopic examination or dissection of actual physical specimens will be emphasized when
The final exam must have a comprehensive component and must be proctored.
Assessment: All instructors are expected to participate in the assessment of the course as directed by
the lead instructor.
Contact Information:
Division Chair: Dr. Les Battles, 501 882-8871, [email protected]
Lead Instructor: Dr. Jim Britton, 501 882-8874, [email protected]