Gallery Walks - scottspanish

Gallery Walks:
What is a gallery walk?
Why would we do one with our house project?
Assignment: You are to evaluate each house in the class based on presentation (how
it looks), the house paragraph (is it written correctly?), an overall grade (if you
were the teacher) and provide at least one positive comment about the house.
What each group provides:
1. A sheet of paper for others to write on
2. Their house
3. Their house paragraph
With your group, you are to evaluate each house:
1. Presentation: Score the house out of 25. Explain why:
2. Paragraph: Read each paragraph and recognize any written errors. Correct
these errors on the group’s paper.
3. Positive comment: Provide at least one positive statement about the group’s
4. An overall grade: Give the group an overall grade and explain why.
5. If you have any questions, you should pose those as well.
You SHOULD NOT put your name on the group’s evaluation paper!