Exit Only Thru Lane/Bus Lane Walking Lane Bus Load Only Parent

Parent Pickup Load Zone
Field/Overflow Parking
New Parent Pickup Routine – Front Lot (via 5th AVE W)
Entering Shelton View from 5th AVE W, you will now see four lanes:
1. The Walking Lane: This gravel lane is for students and parents who walk to school.
2. The Parent Pickup Wait Line: This is where you will wait to circle around the front parking lot to
pick up your child. Once you near the yellow gates, you will notice diagonal lines across the lane.
This is a no wait zone! Please wait until you see a spot open up on the opposite end of the no
wait zone before you continue.
3. The Thru Traffic/Bus Lane: This lane is only for buses going to the designated load zones (which are painted yellow). Please avoid parking,
picking up, or dropping off in the parking lot adjacent to the bus load zone.
4. The Exit Lane: This lane is only for cars exiting the school from the parent pickup zone or bus-loading zone. All incoming traffic must stay in
their designated lanes.
Field/Overflow Parking is to be used as needed when determined by school officials. The field is in use during recess, so please only park here
when directed.
Walking Path
Back Parent Pickup Zone (via234th PL SW)
 You will now enter through the back gate and pull up along the red painted curb.
 Once you have your child, please follow the exit lane.
 Students who are walkers will use the new designated walkway that leads in front of the gym and covered playground, and goes
through the gated intermediate playground. Students will not be walking through the parking lot.
 Please DO NOT PARK, DROP OFF, or PICK UP along 3rd PL W. Stay along 234th PL SW.
 Please do not block driveways or mailboxes.