Freshmen library orienation test

Lane College Library
Library Orientation Test
Semester ______
Name ____________________
Class ____________________
Class Instructor __________________
Orientation Instructor _____________
Please choose the best answer to the following questions:
What is the function of the circulation desk?
Locate books on reserve ____
Check out and check in books ____
Reserved textbooks ____
Reserved materials ____
All of the above ____
Lane College Library online catalog helps you find what
Books owned by Lane College library ____
Video tapes, DVDs owned by the library ____
All of the above ____
The book “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” has the Call Number
N818.5409 W177i C.2. Which book section of the library will it be located
CEL (Curriculum Education Lab) ____
Reference Book Section ____
Negro Heritage Collection ____
Where should you go first on the library website to find articles about a
research topic?
E-databases ____
Online catalog ____
Online reference ____
Where should you go first on the library website to find writing styles and
E-databases ____
Online catalog ____
Online references ____
Databases include
Citations to journal article ____
Titles of journals ____
Full-text journals ____
All of the above ____
Reference Book Section
Will help you with questions and research ____
Has lost and found ____
What book classification system does Lane College Library use?
Dewey Decimal Classification System ____
Library of Congress Classification System ____
In general, if a citation includes a volume number and an issue number, it is
most likely a
Journal article ____
A book ____
A database ____
List the Call Number, author and title of three books from Contemporary
Book Section, CEL and Negro-Heritage Collection:
a. ________________________________________________________________
b. ________________________________________________________________
c. ________________________________________________________________
Reserved textbooks and reserved materials are at the circulation desk. A
student may check out
To read inside the library ____
To take out of the library ____
Lane College library has books of Contemporary collection, Negro Heritage
Collection, and Curriculum Education Lab Collection on the 2nd floor in the
library. What is the loan period for Negro Heritage Collection?
3 days ____
14 days ____
Scholarly articles generally contain
An abstract to the contents of the article ____
The author’s affiliation or credentials ____
A bibliography or a list of works cited ____
14. What is the best place to find a scholarly article?
In general interest magazines ____
In an online research database ____
I n reference books ____
15. What is a Peer-reviewed journal?
It is one in which each feature article has been examined by people with credentials in
the article's field of study before it is published ____
The original presentations of collections of papers from conferences were "invited" or
examined by experts before being accepted ____
Above both ____.