A.3 Formation of Mass Cartoon Activity (click here

A. 3 Formation of Matter Cartoon Assignment
Background Information:
 Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space.
 Before the Big Bang there was no Matter.
 Matter formed after the Big Bang when heat energy was convert to mass through the below
As the Universe expanded and cooled, the allowed matter to affect each other through the four
forces of the Universe:
1. Strong Force
2. Weak Force
3. Gravity
4. Electromagnetism
Simple atoms were formed through the above forces.
Atoms became attracted to each through gravity and form gas clouds of hydrogen and helium.
These cas clouds condensed and atomic nuclei fused together through weak force. This nuclear
fusion released tons of energy. This released energy is the light and heat energy of stars.
Big Stars eventually ran out of hydrogen gas, and this caused the stars to condense and heat up
until they EXPLODED in a supernova.
The explosions of supernovas released enough energy that caused more atomic nuclei to fuse. This
fusion created bigger elements.
These bigger elements were blown into space. Eventually these bigger elements formed planets
and stars of the plethora of solar systems.
You will make a cartoon that describes how big elements were formed from energy released by the Big
Bang. Your cartoon must have an illustration and a caption (a couple of sentences per illustration) that
accurately describes the above events. You must create at least 6 illustrations (each with a caption) and
you will start with the Big Bang & describe in the correct sequence, the formation of big elements( e.g. Iron)
Example 1 Illustration and caption: note the below cartoon represents just ONE Illustration you need to
have six illustrations and the six you have need describe the sequence of events that lead to the formation of BIG
Example 2: Illustration and caption: