OC Course Guidelines

OC Course Guidelines
Courses designated “OC” make use of multiple speaking assignments and integrate oral
communication into both the teaching and grading for the course. While a variety of
assignments may be appropriate for an “OC” designated course, students are expected to
demonstrate oral communication competency by preparing and delivering
speeches/presentations that:
Exhibit sound organization—a clear purpose adequately supported by
main ideas that are easily identified.
Make use of adequate and dependable supporting materials.
Are correct in grammar, pronunciation, and articulation.
Exhibit skillful use of internal summaries and/or transitions.
Demonstrate skillful use of language and supporting materials to engage
and challenge the audience.
Establish genuine rapport with listeners through style and delivery.
Exhibit skillful body movement.
Exhibit skillful use of visual aids.
The following guidelines should be considered when developing proposals for “OC”
designated courses.
Oral communication should be integrated into the teaching and grading of the
course. The proposal should describe the course content that centers on oral
communication as well as the assignments that will be used to assess student
Assignments involving oral communication should be distributed throughout
the semester. For example, it would not be appropriate to develop a single
major speaking assignment that would be scheduled for the end of the term.
Instructors should provide structured feedback for each speaking assignment.
While peer evaluations are helpful, few students have received systematic
instruction in public speaking. It is essential that instructors provide informed
feedback throughout the term in order to foster the development of oral
communication skills.
The proposal should describe the kinds of assignments that will be used to
assess oral communication skills (e.g. speeches, presentations, debates, etc.).
Nationally, the number of in-class speaking opportunities for courses that are
designed to advance oral communication skills is six. While that number may
vary, faculty submitting course proposals with fewer speaking opportunities
should explain how the oral competency requirement may be met with a
limited number of assignments.
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