POWER OF LANGUAGE: Word Obituary Due 1/19 (C) and 1/20 (N) Write an obituary for a word you would like to see removed from the English language. You must provide a thorough definition, history/background of the word, a clear explanation of why this word should be buried, with an anecdote supporting burial. The obituary should be typed in paragraph form; you will be graded for spelling, grammar, punctuation and neatness. Worth: 50 points Weight: Major Projects WORD OBITUARY RUBRIC (Print and turn in with assignment) Name:__________________Block____ FEEDBACK

Content, Structure and Organization Clearly defines word Denotation (What It Is) Connotation (What It’s Understood To Be) What It Is Not _______/15 Provides history/background on the word Clearly explains why this word should be buried Includes anecdote to support burial Style and Fluency Sentences are accurately constructed. Word choice supports and contributes to author’s purpose Writing is free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors Format Typed and printed, 12 point font, MLA format


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