Latin III

Latin III
Dr. Marissa Porter
[email protected]
Course Description and Goals: Students complete their study of Latin grammar, with a
particular focus on the Latin participle first semester, and second semester on the various
clauses in the subjunctive mood. These goals are achieved through the analysis and translation
of original Latin texts, viz. the poetry of Ovid, and the prose commentarii of Julius Caesar.
Students hone their skills through Latin prose composition. The course also covers issues of
literary genre and style, as well as the historical context of the Latin works.
Required Materials
Course Texts:
Perkins, Caroline, and Denise Davis-Henry, Ovid A Legamus Transitional Reader.
Mueller, Hans-Friedrich, and Rose Williams, Caesar A Legamus Transitional Reader.
North and Hillard, Latin Prose Composition.
Each student will have a spiral notebook or binder for notes, and a folder for the very
many handouts distributed in class.
Writing Implements: black or blue ink, or lead pencil. I will not accept homework or
other written work otherwise.
Grades will be calculated by total accumulated points.
The grading scale is as follows:
Tests translation from Latin to English and vice versa;
Quizzes: vocabulary (English to Latin), translation, etc.
Daily homework completion is expected of all students; each assignment is worth 3 points.
Homework is due on the assigned day and no credit will be given late homework, except in the
case of excused absence.
Homework must be an independent effort only. Anything else (such as copying from a fellow
student or the use of an online translator) will be considered academic dishonesty and will
receive a zero, as well as disciplinary consequences.
Students are responsible for showing the instructor homework assignments missed because of
excused absence. Missed work must be made up in a timely manner or no credit will be given.
Quizzes and Tests: Students who return from an absence on the day of the quiz or test are
required to take it that day.
Students who are absent the quiz or test day must take it the day of their return.
Students who have been out consecutive days prior to the quiz are the only students exempt
from these rules.
A student with an unexcused absence will receive a zero on the quiz or test.
Extra Help:
Dr. Porter will be available in room 5 during 11th period, and also after 11th. E-mails will be
promptly answered (but not those sent after 8PM).
NB: It is the instructor’s right to emend this document as she sees fit. Students and parents
will be notified.
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