Curriculum newsletter Year 2 term 1

Year 2 Term 1 2015/16
Welcome to Year 2. We are really looking forward to this first term, getting to know all the new Year 2s and finding out their interests so we can plan
some really fun and challenging learning throughout the year. Below we have detailed what we will be covering in this first term up to the October half
term holiday. If you have any questions please see your child’s teacher between 8:50 and 9:00am or at the end of the school day.
In English this term we will be reading the
In maths this term we will be focussing on place value. We will work
story ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Julia
with numbers up to 100. We will ensure the children all have a deep
Donaldson and then using this to help us write
understanding of what each digit represents and we will be able to use
our own castle themed adventure story. We
this knowledge to help with addition, subtraction, multiplication and
will also be learning how to write a set of
division later on in the year.
instructions for how to look after a pet dragon! During the term we will
We are practising counting in
concentrate on securing basic letter formation and punctuation and start to
steps of 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s this
focus on the use of more adventurous word choices within our writing.
term and will be using our
knowledge of counting to
complete sequences.
This term we will be
learning about materials.
We will be using the
scientific vocabulary: wood,
metal, plastic, glass, rock,
squashing, bending, twisting
and stretching in our
Our Topic this term
is ‘What makes a good
castle?’ We will be using and developing our Design and Technology skills as we learn about
how different parts of castles were designed and built. We are working towards hosting a
gallery of the fabulous castles that we will build. We hope you will come in to school on
Tuesday 20th October at 3:10 to share in our learning.
We are also planning on visiting a castle towards the end of this term. We will let you know
the dates and costs as soon as possible!
Your child will need their PE kit on a Monday and Wednesday.
Your child will be tested on their spellings on a Friday.
Homework is handed in on a Friday.