Discovery Playscape zones

Discovery Playscape – Potential Themes for Zones
Creative Arts
Music soundscape/musical instruments
Piped in relaxation music
Gazebo or arts stage
Outdoor drying areas for artwork
Embedded jewels in concrete
Slate boards (like blackboards)
Small platforms for block building
Discovery Playscape – Potential Themes for Zones
Nature – insects/animals/birds
Bird feeders
Butterfly garden/bushes
Koi pond with frogs and turtles
Deer and animal fossil tracks in concrete
Discovery Playscape – Potential Themes for Zones
Large Motor
Tunnels to crawl through
Slides build into the terrain
Climbing structures
Stepping stones
Dry river bed
Tree house
Bike trail
Walking/fitness trail
Balance beans on real logs
Concrete culvert to climb into
Discovery Playscape – Potential Themes for Zones
Other Sensory
Sand/small pebbles
Water play with well pump
Pond with waterfalls
PPL fountains
Huge sand box
Dry river bed
Open rain gutter/ramp
Concrete ramp for rain water
Elevated water/sand trough made of natural boulders
Tree trunks and tall grasses growing in very large sand box
A place to make mud
Excavation in real dirt
Discovery Playscape – Potential Themes for Zones
Local /native plants/trees
Fruit trees and blueberry/raspberry bushes
Vegetable gardens
Herb garden
Tree deck and tree house
Label the trees and plants
Willow hut
Sensory garden (see Jean Hoopes)- specific perennials and annuals for 5 senses
Other Science
Science experiment area
Nature trail in the trees
Fire pit
Gathering Places
Natural amphitheater cut into a hill
Split log benches
Covered area that can be used as a stage
Concrete or decking area with ramps for accessibility
Cobblestones in concrete
Labrynth with stepping stones
Stones embedded in the ground
Local Flavor for Overall Theme
Covered bridges
Trexler Zoo
Stone bank barns
Apple orchards
Rose garden
Fish hatchery/fish fossils
Overarching Needs to Incorporate
Must meet DPW and NAEYC regulations
Universal Design
Curriculum-rich, PA standards-based
Application for Nature Explore Classroom Certification?
Marketing/donations Recognition
Stepping stones to sell
Signs for areas/zones or trees, etc.
Fence slots