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Business Process Management
Deliverable #3
Team Name:
Name and contacts of the business referent:
Organization and introduction to the project
Include the following topics:
- Discussion and identification about the general characteristics of the company (brief
history, organizational structure and number of employees, products manufactured or
marketed, sales, market position, key competitors). Use concrete examples and
indicators of business performance. Identify the company’s main customers and
- Description of main company's business processes: use the Value Chain model to
classify company’s processes. The discussion should clearly demonstrate that you
have understood in depth the business. Also use measures of business process
- Discussion and overview about the specific process that the group has chosen to
study, and in particular about the technology or system that the company uses to
support that process. The business process and system that supports it must be well
discussed and supported by evidence and concrete examples (software name, type,
vendor and some screenshots).