Curbside-Recycling - The Oaks Neighborhood Association

Curbside Recycling
There is no limit to the amount of recyclables that may be placed at curbside. Recyclables are picked up by a
contractor, Waste Management, every other week.
If you need to know when your collection group is, please see Find your Recycling
Collection Group
More information can be found at 2011 Single Stream Recycling Cart Program
Place your recycle container curbside with your trash by 7:00 am on your collection day a few feet away from
your trash. Recycling will be delayed one day following observed holidays.
If you need to know when your collection day is, please see Find Your Collection Day.
Recycle Barrels
Recycling Preparation - Single Stream
All recyclable materials can be placed in one container. There is no need to sort or separate. All materials are
sorted and recycled at the processing plant.
• Paper and Cardboard
• Glass
• Metal
• Plastic
Restricted Items
• Aluminum foil
• Auto glass or ceramics
• Batteries
• Film canisters
• Light bulbs
• Paper towels
• Plastic grocery bags (Please return to your supermarket)
• Plastic wrap
• Porcelain
• Soiled cardboard
• Soiled paper
• Styrofoam
• Wood
• Books (may be taken to the Recycling Center)
• Textiles (may be taken to the Recycling Center)