Marriott-Slaterville Recycles

Heard the News?
“Marriott-Slaterville Recycles” is arriving soon and will bring the ease and convenience of mixed
recyclable material collection curbside to each residential home. Marriott-Slaterville is excited to team up
with Waste Management of Utah to provide this enhanced service in addition to your current trash
Marriott-Slaterville residents will receive a Recycling Packet that describes all the materials that can go into
the recycling can and also a calendar. Waste Management has been committed to recycling in Utah since the
1990’s, pioneering the first-ever single stream recycling program in the State.
What will I get?
By launching a citywide program, Waste Management of Utah is able to
provide Marriott-Slaterville residents with benefits that include:
A low rate of $4.00 per month conveniently included on your
existing Bona Vista bill starting in January 2016.
Trash and recycling collection on the same day from safe and
friendly experienced local drivers.
Recyclables delivered to local facilities in Weber County.
How do I sign up?
To participate in the program, you don’t have to do anything! Delivery for recycling carts will begin midDecember to January 1, 2016, with service to start shortly after.
What if I choose not to recycle?
For those that choose not to participate, the city has designated an “opt-out” period between now and
December 15, 2015. If you chose to opt-out, call Marriott Slaterville and ask not to receive a cart. After
December 15, the opt-out period will close and Waste Management will deliver your recycling cart along
with a service schedule and instructions for use.
Waste Management looks forward to providing you with the same award-winning, reliable service you’ve
come to enjoy for trash collection while making it easy for you to recycle. Be on the lookout for more
details about Marriott-Slaterville Recycles!