DEMAIO Subject - Demarest School

Grade Level: 7th Grade
Subject: Health
Time: Student will have 1 class period to complete. All other work will have to be done
outside of class time.
Body Systems Poster Project:
Students must create a poster that that covers one of the following
(Circulatory) The pathway of blood and the role of the different
organs/tissues involved.
(Respiratory) The pathway of air and the role of the different
organs/ tissues involved.
(Nervous System) The pathway of information (Reaction time)
and the role of each organ/ tissue involved.
(Endocrine) The pathway of hormones in creation of
homeostasis. What happens each step along the way.
(All Inclusive) Describe and create a diagram showing and
explaining a sport or an activity of your choosing that involves
all the body systems we discussed in class.
How is each involved (What is the role of each).
What is the importance of each system being involved.
Due 1 week from start date.
My Project is due on : ____________________________________
5 points will be taken off for each day past the due date.