Student Pathways

Student Pathways
Starting Point
• Student’s experience Chabot as classes,
majors, and communities
• Overall Goal:
– Build communities for students with common
interests and educational goals.
Communities will bridge academic services,
student services, and co-curricular activities.
Student Pathway Formation
• We tentatively mapped degrees & certificates
to nine pathways:
Performing and Visual Arts
Business Administrative
Technical Communication & Design
Social & Public Services
CTE – Technical/Mechanical
Health Sciences
Language Arts/Social Sciences/Humanities
Basic Skills
A year-long discussion
• We will begin this conversation today.
• It will continue during our fall and spring Flex
• For today:
– Define characteristics of students in the pathway
– Identify desired skill sets, knowledge, and
competencies achieved at the completion of a
• Future (looking across courses):
– How do you know what they know?
– What are the best ways to teach them what you
want them to know?
– How else can we support learning?
• You may be in a pathway meeting that isn’t
YOUR area—you may have been selected to
represent a specific course within a program
that is offered by another discipline/division
• This is an opportunity to share across
disciplines about course and program
expectations as well as pedagogical