Mapping Personal Pathway

THEME: Goal Setting, Reflection and Self-Assessment
Lesson: Mapping Personal Pathway
Learning Outcomes
 To reflect on past experience and set goals for the near future
Essential Question
 Where have I been and where am I going in my life?
 1-2 advisory periods
 Grades 9 & 10
 Copies of the Activity Sheet Personal Pathway
Procedure & Facilitation Notes
 Ask students to use the Personal Pathway sheet to chart where they have been and where they want
to go in their life’s journey.
 Use the activity near the beginning of the school term as a way for students to reflect on their prior
experience and set goals for the current year, or to explore mid-year reflections and adjustments.
 Encourage students to take their time, possibly drawing or writing at home.
 Students may be interested in sharing their maps with each other and/or with you—these
conversations become genuine community builders.
Extending Follow-up
Used by Permission. Copyright ©2002 Educators for Social Responsibility, All Rights Reserved.
Personal Pathway
Personal Pathway for _____________________________________________________________________
Think about your life experiences, people who are important to you, and goals. Fill in the areas along your path
with drawings or writing representing where you have been, people and events along the way, and where you
might be headed.
Where I started ―
Family, neighbourhood,
province, country …
Where I’ve
been, what
I’ve done …
Someone or something that
influenced me along the way …
A turning point in my life ―
I used to …, but now I …
Where I’m
headed …
One goal I have
for school this year
and one goal in
my personal life …
Where and when
I sometimes stray
off-course …
One thing that makes me
a little nervous about the start
of the school year …
Three things I liked learning
or learning how to do in the past