ETSU School of Continuing Studies

The campers have been able to take part in a variety of activities in the following areas of
science: biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. The instructors have been a professor in
the Health Science Department, a certified elementary science teacher, a senior microbiology
major and a senior chemistry major. The campers were taught the scientific principles that were
involved in their fun projects.
The specific projects are too numerous to mention but some of the favorites have included
making volcanos, slime, quicksand, and cashew burners to measure British Thermal Units.
The majority of the campers cringed at the idea of having to “take math in the summer”, but they
had so much fun with the activities that they forgot what the subject was! Both a professor from
the Math department at ETSU and a certified high school math teacher have served as the
instructors. Some of the activities have been: making tanagrams, paper airplanes, compasses and
building structures from straws.
Computer Science:
All campers have been able to create their own web pages. They were taught basic computer
skills and learned how to use Microsoft word when working on their creative writing. Instructors
have included a professor in Health Sciences and college students with an expertise in computer
Creative Writing:
Renaissance camp children have learned that language arts activities are fun. They have tried their
hand at writing poetry, fractured fairy tales and other stories. They have a written their own plays
to use in a puppet show, and designed and made puppets. Their work is bound into a constructionpaper covered book which the children take home on the last day of camp. We have had three
instructors over the different summers: two senior English majors and an adjunct instructor in the
English department.
The objective of the art program is to allow the campers to experiment with different art mediums
and to express their individual creative styles. Some of the projects have included: drawing with
oil pastels, print making, soft sculpture, fiber art, mosaics and collage. One of the most popular art
activities is painting. Most children rarely get the opportunity to paint in school so the enjoy
receiving a large piece of paper, a brush, and some tempera paint!
Another part of the art program is known as the “Creation Station”, and is done in conjunction
with the creative writing class. This activity is centered around a specific writing assignment.
Students have written animal fables and made papier mache’ masks depicting the main character.
They wrote stories, designed puppets, and have created models of their own inventions. The
students are given an assortment of recycled items, trim, decorations and other “stuff” and their
imaginations are allowed to run “wild”!
The art activities are planned by the Activities Coordinator for the Renaissance Camps and all of
the counselors serve as instructors. It is important to have counselors who don’t mind being elbow
deep in papier mache, or paint.
Physical Activities
The children take part in a wide range of physical activities: they play soccer, kickball, basketball
and racquetball. The Renaissance Camp has a variety of play equipment for the children to use for
outdoor free play. Swimming is provided every day at the Center for Physical Activity. The
campers also have the opportunity to try the climbing the rock wall. All physical activities are
directly supervised by the camp staff.
In order to encourage the children to make good food choices, the camp offers healthy snacks.
The snacks are planned and prepared by a staff member with expertise in nutrition.