Assignment 8: Due Date

Assignment 8:
Due Date: May 23rd
Focus: “In and In Front of the Text”
Objective: To apply a specific method of interpretation to a selected text from
Revelation – Part 2.
In this final assignment, you will complete the “Interpretive Journey” that you began last
week (cf. Grasping God’s Word - pp. 19 -27 in the 2nd ed. and 39-49 in the 3rd ed.). For
part 2 of this assignment, you should complete the following steps:
Complete Step 3 – “Crossing the Principlizing Bridge” (pp. 23-24 in 2nd ed. and
pp. 43-45 in 3rd ed.)
Complete Step 4* – “Consult the Biblical Map” (pp. 45-46 in the 3rd ed.)
Complete Step 5 – “Grasping Revelation 2:12-17or 2:18-29 or 3:14-22 in Our
Town” (pp. 24-25 in 2nd ed. and pp. 46-47 in 3rd ed.)
* Step 4 is new, added in the 3rd edition of Grasping God’s Word. Since, however, it is
an important interpretive step, everyone should complete it for this assignment. It
involves answering the following question: how does our theological principle(s) (cf.
step 3) fit with the rest of the Bible? That is, is our principle(s) consistent with the rest
of the Scriptures? Do other passages of Scripture validate, add insight, or qualify the
principle(s)? Simply stated, our theological principle(s) should “correlate” with the rest
of the Bible. Thus, in this step, you will want to provide other Biblical references/texts
to affirm the principle(s) of Revelation 2:12-17or 2:18-29 or 3:14-22.