Study Guide--Geography

Indus River Valley Quiz Study Guide
Monsoon—strong winds that blew across East Asia (India)
Citadel—a fortress usually located at the cities center
Subcontinent—a large landmass that juts out of a continent (Asia)
Indus River—main river located in western India. Mohenjo-Daro located along
Migrate—when people move from one area to another area to live
Aryans migrated into the Indian Subcontinent
Caste—a strict division or separation of the social classes in India
A Planned City: Mohenjo-Daro
Indoor plumbing
Sewer system
Wells for water
Great Bath
Homes made with a standard sized brick
Caste System—a strict division of social classes
 Born into it
 You CANNOT move out of your caste
 System is connected to the Hindu religion
Aryan Migration
Migrated from Central Asia
Came through the Hindu Kush mountain passes
Brought their own language
Had their own religion
Believed in the Caste System
Were able to conquer Indus Valley because they had Horse drawn Chariots
Indus River Valley—contact had been limited for centuries because of location
Himalayan Mountains made it difficult to move from place
to place
fertile land provided a surplus of food