Native American Project

Native American Project
Please choose two of the following activities to complete. Projects will be due by
11/30/2012. Please review the attached rubric for grading information.
Choose one of the
Native American groups from
Chapter 2. Create a model of
the type of home that they
lived in.
Include a written
paragraph describing the
group, where they lived in the
United States and why they
lived in the type of dwelling
that they did.
Write a poem or rap
describing each Native
American group that we have
studied in Chapter 2.
Include information
about where they lived, how
they survived, and what type
of housing they typically had.
Be prepared to read it aloud
to the class.
Create a poster
advertisement for one of the
Native American dwellings.
Your goal is to try and get
someone to buy the type of
home that you are selling.
Which type of Native
American group would want
to buy the type of house that
you are selling? Make sure
your advertisement would
appeal to that particular
Native American Dwelling Project Scoring Rubric
Name __________________ Project Type _____________ Date turned in: ______ Score: ____/___
Students followed all
directions in the project
Project is neat. Clearly time and effort were
spent creating the final product.
Conventions for Written
Project is free from spelling and
grammatical errors.
Students followed all but
one part of the project
Project is fairly neat. Time and effort were
taken to create the final product.
Project has 2-3 spelling or
grammatical errors.
Students created a project,
but two of the elements
listed in the project
description were left out.
Project is somewhat neat. Product
represents little care in the final product.
Project has 3-5 spelling or
grammatical errors.
Students created a project,
but more than three
elements from the project
directions were left out.
Project is not neat. Product appears to have Project has 6 or more grammatical
been quickly produced with little time taken. errors.
A= 15-16
D= 11
F= Below 11