History of Oceanography & Ocean Exploration: Possible Topics: The

History of Oceanography & Ocean Exploration:
Possible Topics:
The Egyptians
- Ferdinand Magellan
The Phoenicians
- James Cook
The Polynesians
- Ben Franklin & the Gulf Stream
The Greeks (Aristotle, Eratosthenes)
- Life in the Deep (Rosses & E. Forbes)
The Vikings (Erik the Red, Leif Erikson)
- The Challenger Expedition
- Voyage of the Fram
Christopher Columbus
- Charles Darwin & The Beagle
Alfred Wegner, Fredrick Vine, Drummond Matthews & Continental Drift
William Beebe, Jacques Piccard & deep sea submersibles
Jacques Cousteau & life under the sea
You/your group will create a power point presentation of at least 5 slides. Mr. Young will be picking
from the best of the presented data to include in notes for next year.
The following is what you MUST include, but are not limited to (10 points each):
What dates did your topic take place?
Give a general background defining who/whom your topic involved (who, where, why, etc.).
What is/was your topic known for/What was their major accomplishment?
What contributions to science as a whole occurred because of your topic?
What contributions to oceanography/aquatic science occurred because of your topic?
What type of ship was used by your topic?
What was unique about your topic’s ocean travelling method?
What was the goal of your topic’s oceanic travel/exploration?
How can your topic’s discoveries/accomplishments be seen in modern society’s interaction with
the oceans?
10. You must have at least 5 pictures/photographs included in your presentation. You must also
include one map. These may not be crammed onto a single slide.
A copy of your presentation must be e-mailed to myoung@csisd.org by the time your class
period starts on Friday.
Due: Friday, September 13th