Science SMSC statement

Experiencing awe of the
scale and complexity of
living things and the
broader universe.
Fostering a desire to
explore and experiment to
find the truth.
Considering of issues
such as the effects of
human activity on the
planet (for example, the
extinction of species,
global warming, pollution).
Considering the safety of
others during practical
Appreciating and
understanding the work of
scientists from a variety of
cultural backgrounds.
Considering the origins of
life including theories
related to life on Earth
originating from extraterrestrial sources.
Investigating the effects of
Science on their lives and
how the rights of others
Investigating the beneficial may be affected by
and harmful effects of
pollution, for example.
research and discoveries
in Science.
Discussing personal
health issues linked to
Evaluating to what extent
smoking, poor diet,
the scientific community is lacking exercise by
responsible for helping to
investigating scientific
resolveproblems such as
disease, poverty, hunger,
and conflict for example.
Evaluating the impact of
scientific research, activity
and new technology in
contributing to problems in
society and to what extent
the scientific community is
responsible for resolving
these problems.
Considering the historical
and cultural contexts that
may influence the way
new theories are, and
have been received.
Considering the historical
and cultural contexts that
have influenced scientific
discovery and progress
throughout the ages; how
the development and
dominance of certain
cultures allowed science
to flourish.