Questionnaire - Department of Computer Science

Computer Science 1, Winter 2016
 Fill out this form
 Save it as a file with your name in the form Last, First.doc, e.g., if your name is Grace
Hopper, save it as Hopper, Grace.doc
 Mail the saved file to Professor Cormen ([email protected])
Your name:
Your class: Select year or type in next to "Other"
Your home town:
Check the one that applies:
I am taking CS 1 for credit (check this item even if you are taking this course NRO)
I am auditing CS 1
Check all that apply, and include additional information as appropriate:
I am currently considering a CS major
I am currently considering a CS minor
I am currently considering a modified major involving CS
Additional information:
Why are you taking CS 1?
Have you, within the last two years, written a computer program containing a loop? (If you
do not know what this question means, then check “No.”)
What computer and operating system do you expect to be using in this course? (Example
answers: MacBook running OS X version 10.11; PC running Windows 10.)
Please tell me one unusual fact about yourself. (And no evading the question by writing
something like, “There is nothing unusual about me, which is itself unusual.”)
Is there anything else I should know about you? (Examples: I choke on exams; I hate
computers; I love computers; I really like to work hard and would appreciate extra homework
over Carnival weekend.)