Metadata of large industrial establishments (accumulative)


Metadata of large industrial establishments (accumulative)

1Data source:

Industrial Statistics Directorate conducts annual survey applied a comprehensive enumeration method since it covers all industrial operating establishments in this sector. It issues reports including data and key indicators of extraction (except oil) and manufacturing industries by sector (public, mixed and private). It is worth to be noted that attempts have been taken place since the 1950s in Iraq to classify types of industries. The reports have being issued as time series form since 1950s.

Large industries classified as large since they use (30 or more) workers. The survey objective is to provide user-friendly detailed data on industrial activities following international recommendations in industrial statistics field.


The comprehensive enumeration of all large industrial establishments in all governorates is adopted. Data are compiled from field by interviewers in these governorates. A questionnaire is delivered to the large industrial establishments at the beginning of the financial year. It includes indicators and statistical data on each industrial activity by sector. The survey takes 3 months to be conducted and its data to be published. The survey periodicity is annual.

The International Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities version 4

(ISIC4) is adopted.

Data coverage:

The statistical community includes all establishments whose main activity involved within mining and quarrying of stone and manufacturing.

Data compiling mechanism and publishing

Industrial Statistics Directorate is responsible to receive and check questionnaires the get them back to the field in case they involve mistakes or non-responded to be revised, it is worth to be noted that the response rate is more than 75%. The questionnaire contains variables and indicators which are provided through analysing concepts according to united nations recommendations.

The questionnaires are audited and coded in the field then sent to the Industrial

Statistics Directorate to be checked again according to the validation rules applied to be valid to data entry and revision operation by the software of the system adopted in the directorate to produce the outputs then the report.

Work duration: 3 months

3Definitions of concepts and indicators

Manufacturing rate: the percentage of gross value of inputs to gross value of production.

Inputs: total value of Raw materials + total value of packaging materials + total other commodity inputs +service inputs.

Outputs: includes value of final production + uncomplete production + returns of employing for others + commercial activity.

4Computation methods:

many of analytical indicators are computed to get knowledge on the situation of industrial sector and to set plans and strategies according to the following functions:

Employee's productivity from production

Value added

Employee's productivity from value added

= Production value/number of employees

= Revenues – inputs

= Value added /number of employees

= Production value / wages

= Value of inputs / No. of employees

= Wages / No. employees

= (Value of inputs / value of production) 100*

= (Current year/ Previous year-1)*100

Dinar productivity of wages

Average share of employee of inputs

Average annual wage per employee

Rate of manufacturing

Change rate %


The International Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities version

4 (ISIC4) with all branches:








Mining and quarrying of stone 08

Activities of services related to mining 09

Food products manufacturing 10

Beverages manufacturing 11

Textile manufacturing 12

Manufacture of wearing and fur apparel 14

Tanning and dressing of leather manufacture of luggage and handbags 15



Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork 16

Manufacture of paper and paper products 17


Printing and reproduction of recorded media 18


Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products and neutral fuel 19


Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products 20


Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemical and botanical products



Manufacture of rubber and plastics products 22


Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products 23


Manufacture of basic metals 24


Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment 25


Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products and clinical appliances 26


Manufacture of electrical equipment 27


Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. 28


Manufacture of motor vehicles 29


Manufacture of other transport equipment 30


Manufacture of furniture and wood products n.e.c. 31


Other manufacturing 32

6Data availability

Large industrial establishments reports are provided in excel and pdf forms as well as hard copy CD.

The report periodicity of preparing and publishing is annual since 1990.

The geographic coverage of large industrial establishments (accumulative) is comprehensive at governorates except Kurdistan Region governorates.