Dangling, Misplaced, and Squinting Modifiers

Dangling, Misplaced, and
Squinting Modifiers
What You Never Meant to Say, But Did Anyway
A small book sat on the desk that Sarah had read.
The professor posted the notes for the students covered in class.
Walking through the park, the grass tickled my feet.
Changing the oil every 3,000 miles, the car seemed to run better.
Students who seek their instructors' advice often can improve their grades.
I like to listen to rock music doing my homework.
Swinging wildly through the trees, the children were delighted by the monkeys.
The young girl was walking the dog in a short skirt.
The dog was chasing the boy with the spiked collar.
While talking on the phone the doorbell rang.
Running across the floor, the rug slipped and I lost my balance.
He was staring at the girl by the vending machine wearing dark glasses.
I heard that there was a revolution on the evening news.
We manufacture inflatable children’s play equipment.
Traffic sign: Slow Children Playing
They manufacture large-bottomed patient commodes.
I was told that I had been awarded the scholarship by my professor.
Walking to school on a subzero morning, my left ear became frozen.
The old woman had grey hair with blue eyes.
I heard that he married a woman with a vast fortune in a small church in Italy.
Defining your terms clearly strengthens your argument.
The robber was a tall man with a black moustache weighing 150 pounds.
Though only sixteen, IPFW accepted Maria’s application.
When watching films, commercials are especially irritating.
Putting the leash on, the dog bit John.
The cat in the alley looked at me with a rat trapped under one claw.
Let me know if we should meet in the park near the zoo or the cafe.
My sister dropped in while I was scrubbing the floor with her new baby.
I searched for a mechanic who would repair my car without success.
Cost-efficient and convenient, many of today's corporate employees
are being trained through computer-assisted instruction.
Giant book sale.
PowerPoint Presentation by Mark A. Spalding, BA, MEd, MA (2008).
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