NJ History New Jersey: Crossroads of the American Revolution

NJ History
New Jersey: Crossroads of the American Revolution
Background: When British General William Howe sailed his British fleet into New
York, and thousands of British troops poured onto Staten Island in late June of 1776, the
time for war had arrived in the colonies. Straddled by the two most prosperous cities in
the land, New Jersey would become the state where the war would be won or lost. The
people of New Jersey would have the ability to exert strong pressure – military, political,
social, and economic on both New York and Philadelphia. As a result, several key battles
of the American Revolution were fought in New Jersey, along with important social and
political aspects revolution.
Assignment: Working with a partner (or individually), you will be creating a
“Crossroads of the Revolution” poster. Your poster will highlight one of the important
military, political, social, or economic aspects of New Jersey during the American
Poster Requirements:
 Each group will complete one “Crossroads of the Revolution” poster about New
Jersey in the American Revolution
 Military, Political, Social, Economic aspect of the Revolution in NJ
o Explanation of involvement in the Revolution (Bullet points)
o Important individuals involved (Who they were/how they were a part)
o Impact on the Revolution in NJ
o Impact on the Revolution overall (if it was different)
o 4 – 5 pictures on Poster
 MLA Bibliography TYPED and attached to back of project