Minutes - Santa Barbara County Education Office

Inclusive Child Care Action Team (ICCAT)
MINUTES of September 10, 2013
Rabobank, Solvang
Present: M. Malinowski, J Bremm, F Furuike, A. Perez, N. Brown
Welcome & Review of Agenda
Approval of Minutes of August 13, 2013 (FF/NB)
General Public Comment Period
 No comments from the public
 Replacement for Joanne Rodriguez: Raquel Valdez
 Marya emailed Joanne and Georgene to thank them for their years of
participation and to invite replacements (no responses were received)
Distribution of IFSP/IEP Participation & Recruitment Letters
 Joyce was unable to attend today – as of yesterday letters had not been
Action Plan Review/Goals for Next Year
 Goals were broken down into next steps:
a) Work on Protocols and Community Forum in partnership with Early Start
1. Marya shared draft of guidelines for working in child care settings
2. ESP meeting this thursday
b) Write a brief outline of data collection project and send out to schools
to find an intern for data collection
1. Next meeting: identify schools and contacts to seek intern
2. Argelia will bring input from Michelle to next meeting
3. Argelia will check with Sharol regarding what information QRS is
c) Follow up on letters for IFSP/IEP participation – advocate at Community
1. October meeting – plan & timelines for follow up
d) Continue to maintain ICCAT documents
1. Referral chart – need to confirm SBCEO phone number
2. Referral chart should be reviewed next onth
Operating under the authority of the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors and Santa Barbara County Education Office
3. Developmental screening group sunsetting (per Nanette) – they will
be using a universal referral form – should it be on website?
CCPC Retreat
 Joyce has included ICCAT accomplishments for retreat
 Share back at next ICCAT meeeting
Data Collection
 Argelia distributed info on monthly referrals
 How should we use this info?
 Are there dx/cities/income levels that have more difficulties finding child
care? Can they apply for HS/state preschool?
 Can we track which programs are turning away children?
 Encourage families to call R&R back so we know what happened
 Add IFSP/IEP to Argelia’s chart
 Look at using Community forum to get info on providers’ experiences
ESP/ICCAT Community Forum
 ICCAT members are invited to attend the ESP meeting on Sept 12 at 9:30
(at TCRC in SB or SM)
Next Meeting: October 8, 2013, 9:30 am
Meeting Adjourned at 11 am.
Vision Statement:
We envision a community that values all children and their families.
Mission Statement:
We lead and collaborate in planning, coordinating and advocating for quality, affordable, accessible,
early care and education for all children and families in Santa Barbara County.
Contact us at (805) 964-4710 ext. 4473 should you need special accommodations
Written materials relating to items on this agenda that have been distributed to the Child Care Planning Council 72 hours before the meeting are
available for review by the public from 8:00am-1:00pm at the Child Care Planning Council Office located at the Hope Education Center, 3970 La
Colina Road, Room 6, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.
Operating under the authority of the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors and Santa Barbara County Education Office