Minutes - Santa Barbara County Education Office

Inclusive Child Care Action Team
MINUTES FOR November 11, 2012
Rabobank, Solvang
Present: M. Malinowski, N Brown, A Buesker, J Stone, S Currey Nagy, F Furuike
Welcome & Review of Agenda
 Meeting was called to order by chair M. Malinowski at 9:35 a.m.
 Introductions
 Duplication of Website Update was removed from the agenda
Approval of Minutes October 9, 2012 (FF/MM)
General Public Comment Period
 No comments from the public
 Current membership was reviewed. Joyce will update list on website
2012-1013 Activity Plan
 Activity Plan strategies were agendized as follows:
a) Activity 1 – determine letter recipients – today
b) Activity 1- write IFSP/IEP participation letter – January meeting
1. Consider follow up letter to providers letting them know outreach
was done
2. Consider checklist for families when their children are in child care
(and make sure provider is included on consent)
c) Activity 1 – write membership outreach letter – February meeting
d) Activity 2 – data collection – discuss at January meeting
e) Activity 3 – funding should be placed as a discussion on every agenda
1. Joyce will be liaison for research committee
2. Discuss possible opportunities with regional center
3. Mentorships
(a) Orfalea grant may have pieces for inclusion
(b) CDE – director and teacher mentor program?
(c) Marya will work on a checklist for where to start with inclusion for
child care providers
Operating under the authority of the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors and Santa Barbara County Education Office
(d) Next meeting – discuss partnering with IFSP providers for mentor
opportunities – put on ESP agenda
f) Activity 4 – referral chart should be reviewed on each agenda
Website Update
 IFSPs, IEPs and you – add intro and 2 documents
 Joyce will update position statement and bring to January meeting and
then to CCPC
 Membership roster will be updated
 Referral sheet: Goleta needs to be added, spell out SBCEO/SESS
Team determined potential recipients for IFSP/IEP letters and membership
outreach (see attached)
Next Meeting – Tuesday January 8, 9:30 am Rabobank Solvang
 There will be no December meeting
 ECS 112 (Preschool Child with Special Needs) and 113 (Infant Intervention)
will be offered at Hancock College, Spring 2012
 Protocols for becoming a certified CSEFEL trainer are being put into place
 The Advocacy and Public Policy Committee Newsletter is soliciting stories
targeted at elected officials
Meeting adjourned at 11:10.
Vision Statement:
We envision a community that values all children and their families.
Mission Statement:
We lead and collaborate in planning, coordinating and advocating for quality, affordable, accessible,
early care and education for all children and families in Santa Barbara County.
Contact us at (805) 964-4710 ext. 4473 should you need special accommodations
Written materials relating to items on this agenda that have been distributed to the Child Care Planning Council 72 hours before the meeting are
available for review by the public from 8:00am-1:00pm at the Child Care Planning Council Office located at the Hope Education Center, 3970 La
Colina Road, Room 6, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.
Operating under the authority of the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors and Santa Barbara County Education Office