JPEG Creation in Paint

JPEG Creation in Paint
1. Once you have finished building your Avatar, take a print screen (Ctrl + Print Scrn)
2. Paste the image in a Word document and save it. Now right click on the image. A
window pops open. Select “SAVE AS A PICTURE.” Enter the name and in the window
below, pull down the selector to save as a JPEG. Finish saving. Close the Word
3. Find the saved .jpeg file in your documents folder. Don’t open yet. Right click on the
icon. A window will open. Select “OPEN WITH” and choose “Paint.” The picture will
open in Paint.
4. Using the square select tool make a square around only your Avatar.
5. Select “Crop.” The background you don’t want disappears.
6. Save the edited version of your Avatar as “AVATAR EDITED.”
7. Now the Avatar is ready to import into Edmodo or your BVSD email as your virtual