GSC Meeting Minutes 10/18/11

GSC Meeting Minutes 10/18/11
Next Meeting: 11/15/11 11a.m GSC Lounge
1. Senate update: Senate had organized a retreat in which various
committees (finance, philanthropy, legislative student life and diversity)
had the opportunity to brainstorm for the events for the forthcoming year.
2. Consolidation of the various graduate schools programs and how it would
affect the representation of the senators from each program. Will need to
discuss the issue with Dr Berry Shur, dean graduate school.
3. Holiday Party: To be scheduled for the December 10th 2011 soon after the
core course and exam are over. Need volunteers for the event.
4. Recruitment party: in 1st and 2nd weekend of February. Need to document
the process of organizing (venue, timeline, favorite/not so favorite spots,
etc.) the recruitment party for future GSC officers.
5. Volunteering at the children’s hospital: blood donation, make a wish
foundation, etc.
6. Cedar creek pub opening on campus probably in November. Plan to get a
deal for an official GSC get-together.