Dr Katie Tucker, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Winchester

Dr Katie Tucker, MSc BA (Hons)
Researcher in Human Osteology
University of Winchester
Dr Katie Tucker is a Human Osteologist and Archaeologist with many years of professional
experience in excavation and the analysis of human remains.
Katie graduated from the University of Bristol in 2001, completing her MSc in Human Osteology and
Palaeopathology at the University of Bradford in 2003 and completing her PhD on the osteology and
archaeology of human decapitation in Britain at the University of Winchester in early 2012.
She works in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Winchester and also conducts
research through the Department’s consultancy arm, ARCA. Katie has worked as a Human
Osteoarchaeologist on projects including the medieval leper hospital at the St Mary Magdalen Hill
Her research interests include Roman and medieval cemetery assemblages, peri-mortem trauma in
skeletal remains, non-normative burial practices and the archaeology and osteology of leprosy.
Previously, she has worked on material from the Mesolithic through to the post-medieval period,
from single inhumations to large cemetery sites, cremations and disarticulated/commingled
remains, in the UK, Europe and Africa.
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