File - Katie Thiroux

“Pure talent Her playing is fluid, her solos are Imaginative, she swings hard,
and she’s a tremendous singer. What I didn’t know when I first saw her is
that she’s such a hardworker. She deserves everything that comes to her.
She’s got success written all over her.” ~Robert Kraft (President 20th
Century Fox Music)
“There’s no room for weaklings in this business and Katie’s determination is
something that I admire. She’s doing everything she needs to do.” ~Jeff
“I insist that my apprentices sing as they play but she has the talent to sing
apart from her playing. I was blown away by her quickness and eagerness.
Katie is just the kind of artist I love listening to!” ~John Clayton
“Real straight ahead!” ~Dr. Billy Taylor
"Her musicality, swinging drive and attention to detail are values seldom
heard in players of her age group." ~Kirk Silsbee (DownBeat jazz critic and
"Katie and her group struck the perfect balance between a hard swinging
classic sound, and a more forward thinking trio.” ~Alex Beram (Regattabar
Manager, Boston, MA)
“Katie is a great person, vocalist and bassist. Katie sings & swings!”
~Rich Appleman (Chair Bass Department, Berklee College of Music)
“Generous and giving, Katie Thiroux is a thoroughgoing musician, the
antithesis of the image of the egocentric chick singer. I hope to hear more of
her, for the sheer pleasure of it.” ~Doug Ramsey (Jazz Author and Critic)
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