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Mr. Crane
Excelsior Pre-Calculus Honors
Classroom Procedures and Requirements
Course Description – This course is an extension of Algebra II with the emphasis in
Trigonometry, Limits, and introductory calculus topics. All major areas covered in
Algebra II are reinforced at a greater depth with additional applications aided by the use
of calculators and computers. The course is designed to encompass all those topics
necessary to be successful in a college calculus course.
Supplies – All students are required to have the following supplies in class daily:
 3-ring binder or Notebook
 Folder
 Pen/pencil
 Calculator – Students will have access to a TI-Nspire calculator in class, but are
required to have their own calculator (at least a TI-83) at home.
Attendance – Attendance in class is necessary to ensure a successful completion of the course.
The school’s absence policy will be strictly enforced.
Homework – Homework will be assigned daily and will be collected occasionally with or
without notice.
Grading – Grades will be computed in the following manner:
85% Tests and Quizzes
15% Homework assignments
Extra Help – Extra help will be given on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:55pm –
If you need to contact me, I may be reached at [email protected]
I look forward to an exciting and successful year with you!
I have read and understood the above classroom procedures and requirements for Mr. Crane’s
math class.
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