Continuing Education Criteria form

Continuing Education Criteria
Revised 6/17/2014
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A. What is the purpose of the session you are proposing?
Criteria for Compliance
Please describe the purpose in terms of what “professional practice gap(s)” (the gap between
current practice, knowledge or competence and desirable or achievable practice, knowledge, or
competence) will be addressed in this session and from the professional practice gap(s) the
“educational needs” that were identified.
We need you to show how you identified that such a gap exists (e.g. through discussion with
colleagues, literature review, participating in on-line symposia, study of clinical outcomes,
persistent questions that arise from candidates and students, etc.)?
In other words:
 What is the ‘problem’ you want to address?
 What is your basis for believing that the ‘problem’ exists?
The goal is to identify gaps between current practice and desirable or achievable practice (i.e.,
professional practice gaps). The key for compliance is to be able to show that your planning
includes the identification of a professional practice gap from which educational needs were
B. How will this session change the professional/clinical competence of learners
who attend?
Criteria for Compliance
In the planning of your session you must show how your session will attempt to change
professional competence, based on what was identified as needs (that underlie a professional
practice gap). The expectation is that the education will be designed to change learners’
strategies (competence).
C. Why do you consider the format you have chosen (Discussion Group, Panel,
Symposia, or Scientific Paper) to be appropriate for your topic?
Criteria for Compliance
All activity formats are perfectly acceptable and must be chosen based on what you hope to
achieve with respect to change in competence. We are looking for information to demonstrate
that the choice of educational format took into account the setting, objectives, and desired
results of the activity.
D. How will your session improve the clinical, interpersonal, and communications
skills of learners or improve the quality of care patients receive?
Criteria for Compliance
What do you want to change?
We are looking for an active recognition of “desirable professional practice attributes” in the
planning process. For example, “We have planned to do a set of activities that touch on
professionalism and communications to address our patients’ concerns that they are not
receiving complete discharge instructions – which is the identified professional practice gap.”).
The simple labeling of an activity with a ‘competency’ is a start and provides the participant with
information with which to choose an activity and potentially will be important for reporting
purposes within Maintenance of Certification.
Develop your session based on knowledge practice, quality improvement, patient-centered
care, interpersonal and communication skills giving specific examples of these areas.