Leadership Defined and Leadership Styles

Learning Styles-Unit 9-Career-Choices-Bridges
Ending with the culmination project of a Final PowerPoint Presentation and Oral
Presentation of Student Discovery of Learning Styles, MI, and Thoughts of Future
Career Possibilities.
Education Planner
The following link allows students to take self-assessment quizzes to discover learning styles,
study habits, and character. This is to be used with the "It's All About Me" Final PowerPoint and
Oral Presentation.
What is your Leadership Style?
Are you Participative, Authoritative, or Delagative? In this activity you will take a leadership
inventory to find out where your strengths are! View this Word document to learn more about
Leadership Styles, then discover your own Leadership Styles.
U1_C3_Leadership_Defined_Leadership_Styles (1).docx
leadership styles - see page 2
- explains differences in
Click on the website below:
There are 18 questions. Read each question and select the option that best fits you.
1. When you are finished with the survey, click Continue. Read your results then MINIMIZE
your window. Do NOT close the window.
2. We will complete the Leadership Activity together as a class.
Leadership Styles Activity:
Leadership Style Activity.doc
Leadership Defined and Leadership Styles
Leadership is influencing and directing the performance of group members towards the
achievement of organizational goals.
Leadership means working with and through people by providing them with a vision of the
future which is meaningful to them and motivating. Leadership is both strategic (planned) and
pragmatic (practical) and encourages all members of a team to deliver their best as an individual
and as a team member.
Leadership is a process that takes place in groups in which one member influences and controls
the behavior of the other members toward some common goal.
Provide clear
Most effective leader
expectations for what
needs to be done and how
it needs to be done
Make decisions without
Offer guidance but allow
input from the group
input from group
Used when there is little
time for group decision
Used when the leader is
the most knowledgeable
member of the group
Encourage members to
participate in decision
making but have the final
say over the decision
making process
Group members feel
creative and motivated
Least productive of the
three groups
Group members show
little cooperation and are
unable to work
Offer little guidance and
leave all the decision
making to the group
Can be effective when
the group is highly
qualified or has the
expertise to make the
Source: http://psychology.about.com/od/leadership/a/leadstyles.htm
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