2012 Private Colleges Report

Update of the AHEAD Private Colleges Special Interest Group
The Private Colleges SIG met during the AHEAD conference in New Orleans, LA on Friday, July 13, 2012
at 7:45 a.m.
We first discussed the information shared to us during the SIG chair breakfast.
 SIG participation - the number of people attending the SIG meetings
Presentations at AHEAD conference
o Topics specific to private colleges
o Could there be a way to label presentations as “small college friendly”?
o We discussed how many of the one-person office presentations are geared toward new
professionals. We discussed ways to address intermediate and advanced audiences.
o Possibly doing panel presentations with students.
Performing research on topics specific to individual SIGs.
o AHEAD is developing topical areas
o Look for ALERT articles
o The SIGs may be able to receive money from AHEAD to perform the research.
o Send ideas/proposals to Richard Allegra.
We discussed ways to promote disability awareness on campuses.
o Disability Awareness Week/Month activities
o Ways to implement a Disability Studies program.
Diane Hansen
Cari Rose-Tamo
Donna Musel
Jane Jarrow
Virginia Demers
Gavin Steiger
Witfield Felix
Ariel Schwartz
Karen Saracusa