International Studies Learning Center3 Problem

International Studies Learning Center3
Problem-Solving/Data Coach
Job Description
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Serve as the site Data Coach
 Serve as primary source of school data to support the school’s improvement as outlined in
its School Improvement Grant (SIG) implementation plan
 Facilitate the management and interpretation/analysis of data related to the School
Improvement Grant
 Communicate school performance data to staff to improve achievement and teacher
 Communicate with the district SIG office to maintain the integrity of the School
Improvement Grant and seek guidance for grant revisions
 Develop quarterly revisions to SIG Budget and Implementation Plan that meet requirements
set by the California Department of Education
 Work collaboratively with the leadership team to design and implement professional
development for staff involving the International Studies Schools Network standards for
global competency, the Common Core State Standards, and strategies called for in the
School Improvement Grant
 Provide technical assistance to building administrators, teachers, and the school leadership
team to facilitate implementation of the School Improvement Grant
 Provide non-evaluative classroom observation and feedback, modeling, and other
supportive assistance necessary to implement the School Improvement Grant
 Perform other duties as assigned
Minimum Requirements:
 Permanent status in LAUSD
 Knowledge of School Improvement Grants
 Possess a valid California secondary teaching credential
 Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience in middle or high school level
 Meet standard performance ratings on district evaluations in the preceding four years; have
no Notice of Unsatisfactory Service
 Ability to use technology and access data to inform instruction and design professional
Desirable Experience/Qualifications:
 Knowledge of School Improvement Grants
 Strong instructional background with knowledge of the California Content State Standards
(CCSS) and International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) standards for global competence
 Experience in collaborative planning, delivery of instruction, and differentiated professional
 Strong leadership skills
 Experience with Professional Learning Communities
 Excellent interpersonal communication, listening, facilitation, and adult education teaching
 Teaching experience at both the middle and high school levels
 Skills in analyzing and using data to make instructional decisions
 Familiarity with various District and other databases (i.e. MyData, Smarter Balanced
systems, Data Quest, etc.)