From TAP to graduation

I did not know I was dyslexic until 2004 when I I also have a stammer at times,
so I was was studying in the Trinity Access Programme. worried about doing
presentations. I was told I would find it difficult to write down The Disability
Service did a practice run of a notes at lectures and that my comprehension
presentation with me in one of the tutorial would make reading tough going. I
had rooms on the day and it really took a lot of already done my leaving
certificate in Adult fear away. I have done numerous presentations Education
and was delighted when I got a over the years since. place in Trinity College.
The Access course gave me a great grounding and paid for me to have I have
bad days when my confidence is low, a test for dyslexia. so I just call in and ask
to see one of the staff who reassures me, and in no time I am off I was worried
that I would not be able for third again thinking what I have do in the library.
level college, but I need not have been. For me I can truly say that all you need
is the motivation to do a degree course. There is Before classes started I was
contacted by the great support in the College when it is needed. Disability
Service to come in and chat about what concerns I had. I was informed of all
the ways that make essays and reading easier. Also I was given the loan of a
tape recorder to tape the lectures, so I could write them out later. I only
needed the tape for a couple of months; in no time I needed no tapes at all.
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