Neuroscience Students` Association Research Form

Neuroscience Students’
Association Research Form
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Researcher Information
Finance and Statistical Analysis
Supervisor:Dr Ivor Cribben
Position Information
Position Available:
Research Assistant
Time of Position:
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Part Time
Full Time
☒ Other: Full time or part time
The start time and end time are open. Also, depending on the qualifications and suitability of the student, the
position could be paid and unpaid.
Position Description
The objective is to develop computer software or a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows
neuroscientists to easily estimate functional networks using sophisticated statistical tools.
Excellent computer programming (R, MATLAB, C) skills are essential for this project as is an
eagerness to continue to learn and develop these skills.
Any Additional Comments:
Prior experience with fMRI analysis tools such as SPM as well as an interest in neuroscience is a
bonus. The student should have an enthusiasm for research at the interface of computer
science, statistics and neuroscience and should be able to work well efficiently, independently
and diligently. The student should also possess excellent interpersonal, oral and written
communication skills and enjoy working as part of a diverse and energetic interdisciplinary